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My Social Security disability case is currently assigned to a "decision writer" ... should I be worried? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Timothy Klob   
Monday, July 16 2012 17:37

Many times we are told that a client's Social Security disability case has been assigned to a "decision writer" and while this can happen at earlier stages in a claim, it most commonly occurs when a case is at the final stage where a hearing is either pending, or where a hearing has already been held and a decision from the Administrative Law Judge is anticipated.  Being advised that a claim has been assigned to a decision writer is nothing to be worried about, however, and nothing should be read into the fact that a case has been assigned to a decision writer other than the fact that a decision should be expected to be issued at some point in the near future.  In most cases, decision writers are staff attorneys assigned to the specific Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) where a claim has been assigned for hearing, and in many cases these staff attorneys perform similar functions to judicial law clerks in other Federal Courts by helping the judge(s) to which they are assigned in preparing a detailed and thorough decision.  Another key function of a decision writer is to research any unusual legal issues for the Administrative Law Judge before the final written decision can be issued to ensure that the decision is legally sufficient.  If you learn that your case has been assigned to a decision writer, and if you have any questions about this step in the process related to your claim, please contact our office and we will welcome the opportunity to discuss any issues or concerns you may have in more detail.

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My settlement was more than expected and you handled it all for me.  Your friendly advice and easy manner took my fears and doubt away.  Thanks again!

Mike (Marietta, GA)

My experience with the Klob Law Firm was nothing less than exceptional.  I first went to Mr. Klob only to seek legal advice for the situation that I was in.  I wanted to have a realistic expectation of what I could expect as far as an outcome goes.  Mr. Klob was very thorough in explaining the legal aspects of my situation and what I could expect.  Once Mr. Klob informed me that I had a legal case, he recommended a course of action that we should take in order to maximize the chance of a successful judgment.  Once we started the plan that he recommended, my opposing party was very adamant to settle outside of court.  I received a judgment in my favor and I would not have been able to handle this without Mr. Klob and his associates.  Throughout the duration of the case, Mr. Klob kept me updated with the communications that he had with my opposing party as well as any updates that happened with the court.

Clayton (Lawrenceville, GA)