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Can Social Security Overturn a "Fully Favorable" Decision? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Timothy Klob   
Saturday, August 13 2011 00:00

Once a decision is issued by a Social Security Administrative Law Judge, it is unlikely that the Administrative Law Judge's decision will be challenged or overturned unless the claimant chooses to seek a review through the Appeals Council.  Claimants should be aware, however, that the Appeals Council does have the right to review decisions on their own, and that the Appeals Council does on rare occasions overturn decisions on their own motion even where no appeal has been filed.  In most cases where the Appeals Council reviews and overturns a decision, however, the decision is an Unfavorable Decision or a Dismissal where it is later determined that the Administrative Law Judge failed to take sufficient evidence or where the Administrative Law Judge failed to follow proper procedure.  It is extremely rare where a Fully Favorable Decision will be reviewed and overturned by the Appeals Council on their own motion, and while claimants should be aware that this remote possibilty exists, they should also be aware that this may be why extensive medical evidence and testimony is required both prior to and at their administrative hearing even in cases that appear to clearly warrant a finding of disability.  The Klob Law Firm does everything possible to ensure that a case is fully developed for hearing, and to assist the Administrative Law Judge in fully developing the evidence at hearing, even in some cases where this requires obtaining or providing supplemental post-hearing evidence where a claimant is continuing to treat up through the date of the hearing.  If you have any questions about appeal rights, or about review by the Appeals Council, please give us a call to discuss your case and your concerns.

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I can't tell you how thankful I am for your firm's assistance in my disability case, and especially for Lauren's help.  Lauren has been a lot more than legal help to me.  She has gone far beyond what I would expect from someone in her position; she has been such an encouragement in all of this, and she has put a lot of extra effort in getting my case approved. She has become a dear friend to me.  I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all of you at your firm, and especially Lauren - it's refreshing to find such caring people these days.

Tony (Ringgold, GA)

My experience with the Klob Law Firm was nothing less than exceptional.  I first went to Mr. Klob only to seek legal advice for the situation that I was in.  I wanted to have a realistic expectation of what I could expect as far as an outcome goes.  Mr. Klob was very thorough in explaining the legal aspects of my situation and what I could expect.  Once Mr. Klob informed me that I had a legal case, he recommended a course of action that we should take in order to maximize the chance of a successful judgment.  Once we started the plan that he recommended, my opposing party was very adamant to settle outside of court.  I received a judgment in my favor and I would not have been able to handle this without Mr. Klob and his associates.  Throughout the duration of the case, Mr. Klob kept me updated with the communications that he had with my opposing party as well as any updates that happened with the court.

Clayton (Lawrenceville, GA)