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What is a "Fully Favorable" Decision in a Social Security Disability Case? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Timothy Klob   
Sunday, August 07 2011 14:47

When a decision is issued at the hearing level in a Social Security claim, there are three types of decisions that can be issued - Fully Favorable, Partially Favorable, or Unfavorable.  A "Fully Favorable" Decision is what the name implies - a decision wherein a claimant is awarded everything that they have requested and to which they are legally entitled - including disability benefits (SSDI and/or SSI) and medical benefits (Medicare and/or Medicaid).  In the case of a Fully Favorable Decision, the Administrative Law Judge (or Senior Attorney if the case is resolved by a Senior Attorney prior to assignment to an Administrative Law Judge) will allow disability to be established as of the alleged onset date (the date which the claimant alleges their disability began) and for benefits to be awarded at the first available date for which benefits can be paid as of the earliest date of entitlement (which can be at a later date than the established onset date due to regulations and when the claimant actually applied for benefits).  Even though a "Fully Favorable" Decision should be a decision wherein a claimant obtains everything to which they are legally entitled, however, if you have obtained a "Fully Favorable" Decision, you should discuss this decision with legal counsel to ensure that there are not any other rights to which you are entitled beyond the scope of the decision (auxiliary benefits or other potential benefits) and also ensure that there are not any additional concerns related to potential review of your decision by the Appeals Council (which can review your decision on their own motion and which can potentiallyl overturn even a "Fully Favorable" Decision for specific technical reasons during a limited time period after the decision is issued).  While we at the Klob Law Firm have a solid track record of helping our Social Security Disability clients obtain Fully Favorable Decisions, and while our clients are understandably pleased when they obtain Fully Favorable Decisions, we always ask that you clients contact us following receipt of their decision to ensure that all questions are addressed concerning payment, medical treatment, and other related issues as soon as possible to ensure that all client concerns are addressed.

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Time was of utmost importance when you accepted my case.  You had less than two weeks to gather informaton from my doctors' files and needed forms and to establish rapport with the Social Security Administration on my behalf.  Thanks to you and your dedicated staff my case was settled in my favor and my disability benefits will continue.  You were highly recommended and I was very pleased with your professionalism and sensitivity towards my situation.  Again I say thanks.

Lora (Morrow, GA)

Having cancer is bad enough, having to deal with a disability claim just makes the strain of therapy and healing even harder.  I was blessed in being pointed to Klob Law Firm to file my disability claim.  Their staff is second to none - Lauren is a jewel, as is all the staff.  I never felt like a client of Klob Law Firm, they made me feel like family, and they went to great lengths to assure me that things would work out okay.  And, sure enough, they did.  They were able, after two denials, to obtain a fully favorable decision in my case, disability due to chemical induced peripheral neuropathy, without having to go through a hearing, in just a year and a half, versus 2-3 years one often has to wait.  You can't go wrong with the folks at Klob Law Firm.

Tony (Ringgold, GA)